Lucedale, MS | Feb. 20, 2021

The official start of my routine blogs after shoots!! Today’s post is all about a barrel race I shot last weekend in Lucedale. I’d honestly only been to this pen a couple times and that was years ago so I didn’t really know fully what to expect here.

To summarize the entire day: major learning experience

Not going to lie to y’all, I struggled here. And I think that reflects in the pictures. Just about every drag I was getting up and moving to a new spot in the arena to attempt to not get some of that horrible glare coming from the sun. And once I thought I had finally figured out the glare situation… the sun started to set. And the arena was positioned so allll that sunshine when straight into the arena making it even harder to shoot. However, once the sun went down, I was back to my normal spot by the second barrel and finally in my comfort spot.

So, obviously, like I said before, I struggled here. But I’m not mad about it, I learned a lot about my camera and even forced myself to play around with some new settings that I’ve never thought to touch before.

I’m not going to lie and say this is my favorite gallery I’ve posted, because it’s not. I’m always proud of the images I take, but I know that these could be so, so much better. I’m shooting again at this same arena this upcoming weekend so I’ll be coming with some new gear and a new game plan!!

Thank you everyone that bought pictures from this barrel race, I really appreciate it!! I was so fortunate to have found another event to shoot after the high school/junior high got rescheduled, so I’m very grateful to even have been able to go and shoot this barrel race (struggles and all). This is my main job and when things get cancelled or rescheduled, it puts me in a very difficult situation so I was so happy to have found this barrel race to shoot at!!

Thank you all for the support, as always.

-JS ❤

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