Purvis, MS | Feb. 21, 2021

Pretty sure there’s a rule not to upload two blog posts in one day… oh well. I’m WAYYY behind on uploading these so enjoy the double post!!

Like I said a couple posts back, the Purvis arena and I go way back. On this day, I was shooting a breakaway roping in the day and felt pretty confident going in. Shooting roping events is something that I’ve gotten really comfortable with (I’ve shot more ropings than barrel races in my photography career!!) so I already had a position in mind and how I wanted the pictures to look.

These aren’t all my favorites, but just a few from the day!! I really loved shooting and watching the girls tie down at the end of the roping!! I’m about some woman power and seeing those girls do a “man’s” event was sooo refreshing.

Some critiques from the day: I made the mistake of leaving my camera settings totally wrong for the first 5-10 girls. I had a really high shutter speed (I don’t remember exactly but it was over 1/1000ths for sure) from when I was shooting outside before the roping started which in turn lead to using a really high ISO so some of the first images are REALLLY noisy. If you don’t have the photographer’s eye, you probably won’t notice because my camera handles the high ISO honestly pretty well. But this is just a more personal note for myself for the future!!

As of this blog post, I’m shooting another roping tomorrow and I’m super excited about it!!

-JS ❤

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