Lucedale, MS | Feb. 27, 2021

This blog has just became a journal of documenting how the day went and I’m pretty okay with that!!

I posted about this barrel race last week and said I struggled, which is true. I can into this barrel race with a new game plan and a new attitude.

First things first though, had to take pictures of the awards.

Not much to say about the awards ceremony, everything went pretty smooth and I’m very proud of how my little off brand 50mm does for me!! I plan to buy some more lenses from this brand, as I’ve been really impressed with how its done for me the last few months.

Now… on to the barrel race. Some friends of mine came for exhibitions so I was able to play around with my settings a lot before the run started, which I’m so glad I did. I ended up using my external flash for the entire run, and the pictures looked SO much better. Worst part about the flash is you only get a couple shots from the entire run, which leads to less options for the riders to look through when going to buy.

Anyways, here’s my favorites from the day!!

After a while, the second barrel shot started to feel really repetitive but the nature of the flash pretty much gave me no option but to stay rooted to where I was. Overall, I’m really happy with these images and enjoyed getting to spend the day at this event! Everyone was so nice and seeing some friends was awesome as well!

Next time I’ll be back in Lucedale with be in April for the Friday night saddle series that starts soon!

-JS ❤

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