Lumberton, MS | Feb. 28, 2021

FINALLY back to shooting outdoors in some natural light!! I posted on my Instagram story that this is my favorite arena to shoot at, and I meant it! The pictures are always gorgeous and dreamy! The good light also allows my workhorse of a lens to have a day off and not having to struggle to focus through a bunch of glare and shadows.

This jackpot was the first of a series that Candy Parkinson is having at her arena and I’m so excited to shoot them!! Every time I shoot there I always say, “Okay, these are my favorite roping pictures I’ve taken.” and I say that EVERY SINGLE TIME I go there because I swear they just look better and better!!

The arena was a little dusty and (even though I had to wipe my lens down after every run) it made these big stops look even better!! Like I said, this is one of the only outdoor pens I get to shoot at so I always love love to come here. And it helps that I either know everyone and the people I don’t know are sooo nice!!

-JS ❤

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