Poplarville, MS | March 5-6, 2021

Wooo, first full rodeo weekend that’s been on the blog!!

March 5th and 6th was the Mississippi Junior High and High School Rodeo, and I was at all 3 shows! Staying up late Friday night and then getting back up on Saturday morning for the junior high rodeo just about killed me, but it was all worth it! From this weekend alone, I had so many new customers as well as so many amazing loyal returning customers that bought pictures!

A few favorites from Friday night:

I was really nervous about Friday, for literally no reason. I’ve never shot from in the arena so for some reason I was nervous about that, but of course, everyone was super nice and allowed me to shoot in there no problem. I got on the bucking chutes for steer wrestling and stayed their for barrels, and it honestly wasn’t my favorite spot. The pictures don’t look BAD but the higher angle is just not he most flattering especially when most the contestants have hats on so their faces are covered. For slack, I moved over to shoot with first barrel and I really liked the images there a lot more!! So much I stayed there for the junior high and high school barrels on Saturday.

So now, let’s wrap up the high school rodeo with my favorites from Saturday:

By the time Saturday night rolled around, I had already shot for a combined 8 hours total from the junior high and Friday night high school so I was feeling pretty confident. I did get the random idea to stand by the roping boxes for calf roping and I have to say I LOVED this angle. Probably not an angle I’ll do all the time (it does get redundant after a while) but I do like it for occasional or more creative shots.

And now, the junior high rodeo.

Shooting the junior high rodeos are not for the faint of heart. They last ALLLL day, and getting burnt out is so easy. However, I did manage to stick it out and shoot 14 out of 15 events (more than I’ve ever done in the past) and get some really good shots!

All in all, a really successful weekend hanging out at the rodeo! I’m very late getting around to posting this, so tonight is actually the first performance of the Purvis high school rodeo!

-JS ❤

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